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About These Eyes Productions. Videography services. 

My name is Łukasz and phonetically you can say it how you see this: Wukash.

I grabbed the camera to document the progress of me and my friends while rollerblading, the sport which is very urban. When you are skater, you explore - to find the perfect spot, so you can do the trick, and capture the manoeuvre and the place in the way that it is showing the hardness, skills, and your vision of the spot. Rollerblading is dead for some, for others, it brought new life.

Since I had a camera in my hands, I worked in a corporation, I traveled, I loved music and I did all extreme sports, so I kept filming and exploring the ways of editing. Through my experience of traveling with a camera, and the ability to look at things from different perspectives, it is how I shaped These Eyes​ Now, I am back to using my name, as I want to connect personally to the productions I film for You.

All experience with live music, and live events, with fast-paced atmosphere where everything is happening at once, where you know you have only one chance to get the angle. Observation is key! And it is the most exciting part of creating videos, waiting for the perfect moment and having it captured.

I have worked across the spectrum of motion pictures from adverts, branding, B2B corporate videos, interviews, music videoclips, live multi-camera concert coverage, sports events and weddings.


Our Clients

List of some brands and clients which trusted in our skills and values we could have offered them. 

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